Effects Of The Elimination Of Ethylene On Apple Preservation.



From November 2-4 2016, Bioconservación participated in the IX Iberian Symposium on Maturation and Postharvest, which took place in Lisbon and coincided with the III National Symposium and IX Spanish Symposium on this important business domain of science, technology, and plant matter.

Noteworthy researchers and technology experts from Spain, Portugal, and Latin America gathered once again at this biennial event to discuss current issues regarding postharvest in an atmosphere of participatory dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experience.

Bioconservación participated in the “Apple and Pear: Preservation and Quality” conference session which involved an oral presentation entitled “Use of a potassium permanganate ethylene absorbent to maintain apple quality during refrigeration in ULO storage.”

Carried out in The Morinière Experimental Station in Saint Epain (France), this study analyzed the effect of Bioconservación’s permanganate potassium powder, Bi-On®, in maintaining the quality of ‘Golden Delicious’ apples stored in ULO (0.5ºC, 1.5% O2, 1% CO2, 85-90% HR) for 6 months.

The results show that use of the ethylene absorbent, in particular in the form of the Bi-On powder, significantly reduced the fruit’s production of ethylene and the development of scald in such a way that the firmness and sugar content were much better preserved.

As a result, absorption of ethylene with Bi-On permanganate potassium granulate can be considered to be an effective method for maintaining apple quality during ULO storage.

High ethylene production in apples presents a challenge for the practical application of permanganate potassium ethylene absorbent, but this can be managed using Bioconservación’s innovative equipment.

The study will be published in its entirety in the next few months in the Portuguese Horticultural Law Reports. At this time, a video of the presentation by Mónica Sabater, PhD, Bioconservación Postharvest Product Manager is available. Click here to see the video.

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