Bi-on granules: “Improving the quality of stored and transported stone fruit .”


Using Bi-on+ granules and filters in cold rooms & refrigerated containers ensure the post harvest filtering of air to remove ethylene and other harmful volatile gases.

The result is an improved quality of packed stone fruit by slowing the ripening process and limiting other damages caused by volatile gases.


  • Increases your pack out by reducing waste due to ripening and rot
  • Increases the shelf life of the fruit
  • Reduces internal browning
  • Maintains better colour and firmness of stored fruit
  • Reduces weight loss during storage
  • Limits volatile gases causing fungal spread and resultant decay
  • Limits the effects of ethylene therefore slowing ripening whilst in storage

Storage under Bi-on filtered air is an economical solution to help maintain your fruit post harvest at the best possible quality to ensure customer satisfaction!

For more information please contact

Dax Rowlands
Tel: 082 794 5772

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