The benefits of Ethylene absorption for Apples

Samapro Trading_ethylen_and_apples_in_ulo_conditions


A Recent Scientific Article Demonstrates That Absorbing Ethylene With Bi-On®Is An Effective Way To Maintain The Quality Of Apples In ULO Conditions.

The study, carried out at the La Morinière Experimental Station (Saint Epain, France), assessing the effect of Bi-On® on the maintenance of ‘Golden Delicious’ apple quality when conserved in ULO (0.5ºC, 1.5% O2, 1% CO2, 85-90% HR) over a 6-month period, was presented at the IX Iberian Symposium on Maturation and Post-harvest (Lisbon, November 2016), and published recently in Actas Portuguesas de Horticultura nº28, p. 120-125.

The results of this work demonstrate that including the ethylene absorbent Bi-On® significantly reduced ethylene production and the development of senescence blanching, in addition to maintaining the firmness and sugar content to a significant degree.This system can, therefore, be considered an efficient method for maintaining apple quality during storage in ULO conditions.

You can read the complete article by clicking here.

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